Kratos Safety

General: Kernmantle rope anchor line 30m for sliding fall arrester FA 20 103 00A and FA 20 103 00B, multi-use. Abrasion resistant thimble at the upper end and stop knot at the lower end. Spliced end is protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve. Color tracer strand losing color that shows the rope is unfit for use.

Max number of persons: 1

  • Material: Polyamide
  • Marking: According to standard, The number of standard and its year, The product Refernece, The batch number, Serial number, The date of manufacture, Length and material of the rope, and CE.
  • Temperature range: <-30 ° C or> 50 ° C
  • Standard: EN 353-2
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Part Code Length Rope diameter
19.04FA2010330 30 11 2.7

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