This is why it can be an advantage to choose Grade 10 chains and components


It is not always easy for the customer to understand what the classification means when working with the chain sling.

Most people know grade 8 (also called Grade 80), which has been the most used in many industries for many years. But today grade 10 (also called Grade 100) is the most common grade for chain slings – but why is that the case?

Grade 10 provides greater flexibility

With grade 10 components you can perform both light and the somewhat heavier lifting jobs. This provides a greater flexibility when you are doing different types of lifting jobs and you can “just” buy the grade 10 equipment and nothing else. When you only have one type of components lying around, you can’t accidently put together the wrong components.

The lower weight of the equipment means less heavy lifting

People who work in the industry may recognize that this type of work can consist of manual lifting- and handling tasks which can be damaging over time. Fortunately, many companies strive to and focus on creating an attractive work environment for their employees, which is why most have already followed the trend and switched to grade 10.

Grade 10 chains and components are approx. 25% stronger than similar grade 8 equipment. This has the advantage, that you can choose a lower dimension to avoid unnecessary handling of heavy equipment when carrying out the lifting job.

Is it more expensive to choose Grade 10 equipment?

Generally, it is not more expensive to buy grade 10 instead of grade 8 equipment. However, if you use grade 10 it can, in many cases, be possible to replace e.g. a 10 mm chain to a 8 mm chain with the same WLL, which is actually cheaper.

Are the repair and maintenance requirements for Grade 10 different?

Whether you use grade 8 or grade 10 chain slings, the laws and requirements for repair and maintenance service are the same. Both types are covered by the same European standard stating that if one chain link needs to be replaced then the entire chain in that chain part must be replaced. The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) demands a main inspection at least every 12 months on all kinds of lifting and transporting equipment. CERTEX Latvia offers chain components in all grades, including grade 12, but today our standard range consist of grade 10 equipment.

Safety first!

Always follow the specified workloads (WLL) for the different sling types. And always read and understand the instructions before using the product.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will answer you.