Why install safety systems and how to choose the most appropriate one?

Safety systems should be installed on the roof if there is a risk and danger for persons to fall from a height while working. When working at height, you must comply with labor protection requirements (MK regulations No. 143), which also regulate the necessity of safety systems.
There are different solutions available for fall protection, so it is important to find the most suitable solution for each situation. The main factors that should be taken into account when choosing the most appropriate system are the roof slope, roof covering and mounting surface, roof insulation thickness, building height.

There are two types of fall protection:

Collective fall protection - stairs with a protective barrier, edge protection, fixed or temporary safety line, fixed or temporary anchor points.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) - body harnesses, couplings, fall arresters, carabiners, protective helmets.

Our services:

Consultations: In matters of (difficult) situations at height
Training: Standard and customized training for safety equipment and rescue work at height
Installation: Vertical and horizontal anti-fall systems, safety systems on the roof
Sales: Harnesses (suspension systems), couplings, connectors, ropes, fall arrest systems, safety systems on the roof, industrial climbing equipment.
Inspection: Fall arrest equipment and systems, safety systems on the roof.

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