Stainless steel anchor point ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam clamped onto two metal seams - completely penetration-free.
Seam intervals: 300 - 450 mm/420 - 660 mm. This stainless steel anchorage point can be installed on standing seam roofs made of steel, copper, aluminium or titanium zinc without penetrating the roof surface.

Force directions: Lateral
Substructure: Seam roofs, profile roof
Attachment: Clamped, w/o roof penetration
Application: Profile roof, flat roofs

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, Safety Instructions, Supplier symbol, Batch Nr., Standards, Max No of users, Serial Nr.
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415
  • Note: Incl. installation set.
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Part Code Max. number of
19.10PF-4-CU-450 3
19.10PF-4-CU-660 3
19.10PF-4-ST-450 3
19.10PF-4-ST-660 3
ST - suitable for steel and stainless steel panels, CU - suitable for copper panels