General: HAVEN
Guardrail for collective protection on roofs
HAVEN is a guardrail for collective protection that can be used on flat roofs, terraced roofs or work platforms with up to 10° inclination. The free-standing version can be installed without penetrating the roof skin by means of weights encased in a plastic housing (25 kg per post).
Benefits of the HAVEN guardrail compared to individual protection systems:
Complete protection is provided at all times.
No special training is necessary for the personnel to be secured.
No annual inspection of the system is required.
An unlimited number of people can access the roof surface, enabling increased productivity.
The rail is made from weather-resistant aluminium.
Easy installation is ensured thanks to the system‘s low weight and simple plugin connectors.
A variety of design variants and individual elements are available, which can be combined with an individual overall system.
Ideal system to make both new and existing buildings safe.
The guardrail is inconspicuous from ground level and blends visually with the building‘s façade.
The rail can only be used in areas that are inaccessible to the public.

HAVEN fulfills two relevant European standards:
EN ISO 14122-3: Stairs, stepladders and guardrails
EN 13374 – Class A: Temporary Edge Protection Systems

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