General: Instead of ladders and scaffolding, fork lift baskets are often a better solution for temporary jobs. Our range of standard baskets are suitable for the majority of fork lifts on the market. Only work of a temporary nature, such as maintenance, inspection and survey work, may be carried out.
Design: Load-bearing welded hollow-beam construction with scuff plate, and nonslip flooring of expanded metal. The basket has a protective grille on the truck frame, tubular handrails, a lockable boom, and a locking device for thecounterbalance option as well as fork lifts with stabilizer legs. The choice of basket has to take into account the type of truck, the lifting capacity, and the width.
TK-503: Designed for counterbalanced fork lifts — no legs.
TK-504: Designed for counterbalanced fork lifts — with legs.
TK-505: Designed for fork lifts with stabilizers — with legs.

Proof: Function tested.

  • Material: Hollow-beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Sign according to standard SS 3628.
  • Finish: Yellow painted.
  • Note: Before use basket and fork lift has to be initially inspected together.
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Part Code Code WLL
Basket weight (kg) Number of people pcs Door type Locking device* Fork tubes
Totalweight (kg) A
19.50TK503 TK-503 0.215 85 1 Boom M 155x60 300 1,000 1,000 894 70
19.50TK504 TK-504 0.3 100 2 Boom M 220x100 400 1,200 800 594 240
19.50TK505 TK-505 0.3 100 2 Boom S 220x100 400 1,200 800 594 240
* Locking device M (counterbalanced fork lift) for forged forks. The spring locks behind the "fork knee".
* Locking device S (fork lifts with stabilizers) for forks with U-design. Are threaded against the underside of the fork.

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