Register to our second webinar about Steel Wire Ropes

This is the second webinar episode where we share our knowledge and expertise about steel wire ropes. 

The focus of this webinar will be High Performance steel wire ropes, where our expert Alain Balman will guide you through these topics:

  • Short recap - basics of SWR 
  • Definition HP 
  • Why & when plastics 
  • Why & when compacted 
  • Why & when more strands 
  • Rotation resistance

The webinar will conclude with a live Question & Answer session

Who should attend?

Everyone who is purchasing, using or servicing Steel Wire Ropes and wants to learn more about steel wire rope and the different types of ropes.

Don’t miss out on this free one-hour webinar and join us to learn more about Steel Wire Ropes!

The presentation will be in English and you are able to join by registering through the form below

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Did you miss out on the last session?

If you missed out on the first one where we walked you through the basics of steel wire ropes, don't worry, you can take a look at the recording to catch up.