Lifeline systems ABS-Lock SYS I (8 mm) & III (6 mm) non-traversable    
Non-traversable ABS-Lock SYS lifeline systems is standard fall arrest solution.
These stainless steel anchorage solutions are based on a steel cable which is hooked up along the edge of a fall danger zone or around a structure where there is a danger of the worker falling through (for example on a flat roof).
To go around corners or other obstacles, use a specially-designed ABS SolidCurve pulley wheel. The cable can be flexibly installed at angles from 0-180°.  
Lifeline systems are available in 2 cable thicknesses (6 and 8 mm). These stainless steel anchorage systems can be installed on a flat or pitched roof or along a facade to secure your access routes. Lifeline systems are typically installed to secure roof surfaces, industrial halls and crane ways.
Up to 4 individuals can connect up the carabiner hooks of their lanyards to the cables of these non-traversable anchorage solutions.
Force Directions: Lateral and Axial    
Application: Facade/ Wall, Flat Roofs, Profile Roof    
Substructure: Steel, Ripped Ceiling / Hollow Core, Trapezoidal Sheeting, Lightweight Concrete, Seam roofs, Wood, Bitumen / Plastic Membrane, Concrete, Sandwich, Profile Roof    
If you are looking for an interruption-free fall protection solution, we recommend using an ABS Lanyard Y. This dual band model provides uninterrupted protection as the two carabiner hooks are unhooked and hooked back up to the cable one at a time when the user reaches an intermediate post.

  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415
  • Note: Use in combination with your personal protection equipment (PPE)  
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Lock SYS - non traversable

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