For man riding applications a protective secondary safety device is mandatory. For this use Tractel offers the BSO Blocstop™ products. In response to the most strict safety regulations, it can easily be attached to most fittings. The «Tirfor®» jaw-type unit fitted inside the Blocstop™ closes onto the safety wire rope and as the jaws grip over a large area causes no damage to the wire rope.

The BSO models are installed on the platform and move along a safety wire rope. Internal rollers detect the speed of the wire rope passing and instantly close the jaws around the safety wire rope when the speed exceeds a certain set safety limit, thus safely arresting the load.

Max. load 500 kg up to 3.000 kg.
Automatic clamping of the wire rope by overspeed detection.

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Model Wire rope diameter (mm) Capacity man riding (kg) Capacity material (kg) CAD
BSO 510 6 - 350
BSO 500 8,3 600 600
BSO 520 9,5 600 600
BSO 1000 8,3 700 700
BSO 1020 9,5 800 800
BSO 1030 10,2 1 1
BSO 1040 11,5 1 1
BSO 2050 14,3 2 2.6
BSO 2360 16,3 2.3 3

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