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Aspire range™

Aspire range™ - A more sustainable choice

About a month ago our campaign for Aspire range™ products started. r-PET fall arest harness, r-PET lifting slings and r-PET web lashings are available for purchase.

The Aspire range™ are carefully selected products with features that are more sustainable than standard products. They have a reduced negative impact on the climate and/or the environment, but without any sacrifices on neither quality nor safety. It is our aspiration and dedication to work towards a lifting industry operated in a sustainable way.

Improved sustainability performance
The product has significantly improved sustainability performance compared to standard products in one or more areas:
  • Significantly reduced CO2 footprint
  • Made of recycled material
  • Possible to recycle
  • Substitution of hazardous chemicals*
    *chemicals listed in annex XIV and XVII in REACH are substituted.

All the Aspire range™ products you can view in our catalogue.