Polypropylene Rope, 8 Strand

Typical applications: Mooring, ocean and harbour towage.
Generally: Polypropylene is resistance against rot and the most of acid and alkalis. The rope (split fibre) is soft and has an excellent grip characteristics. As standard the rope is supplied in 220 m coils with protected bollard eye each end.

Relative density: 0,91.
Melting point: 165°C.
Torque properties: Torque balanced.
Shrinkage (cold water): 0%.
Water uptake: Low.
UV resistance: Fully UV-stabilized.
Abrasion Resistance: Good.
Break elongation: Approx 18%.

  • Rope construction: 8 strand (4x2).
  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Finish: Blue.


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