Hoist Scaffold DM 200AP

DM 200AP High performance Scaffold Hoist is designed for use in industrial or construction applications. Can be fitted directly to a standard 48mm scaffold tube in a position to enable it to be rotated through 180 degrees to allow safe loading and unloading by the operator. The front-loading drum for the wire rope reduced the risk of bunching when used on scaffolding that is not perfectly straight.


  • Front loading drum
  • Power supply 1 phase 220-230V 50Hz
  • Pendant control cable length 1,5 – 5,0 m
  • Duty Cycle S3 class
  • Rope diameter 5mm
  • Supplied with 12 months warrant
  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Note: The scaffold bracket/arm is supplied and sold separately.


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