Our customers do not buy lifting equipment because it is their biggest hobby and interest.

Our customers buy lifting equipment to move things from A to B.
Usually this "things" to be moved are no small things, but heavy, complex constructions with a center of gravity that is not at all located in the object's center point.

On Certex we think our customers should focus on their core business and deliver the right products and services to their own customers in the best possible way. When it means that large or heavy items must be moved or transported, we at Certex are there to help. We have the knowledge, services and products to make every lift as easy, smooth and safe as possible.

Our employees have many years experience in lifting of all kinds, and offer you as a customer the best mix of products and services to perform your lifting. This is what we call The Lifting Knowhow. 2014 Certex celebrated 110 years on the market, so we had time for quite a lot of lifting on the way, which makes us proud to say that our Lifting Knowhow has a solid base to stand on, and each year it becomes a bit bigger!

Despite our extensive range of products for lifting and loading sometimes something extra is needed - that's why we have a part of Certex Latvia specifically focused on creating customized solutions for each customer. If our standard product range can't lift your "things", our engineers will make sure to design and produce something that can!

Welcome to Certex!