General: Out rigger blocks for mobile cranes, trucks, tractors etc. Extreamly strong, do not absorb water, do not "shard" and are easy to clean. Provided with handles of webbing at one or two sides depending of size.

- Low weight
- Extremely strong
- Absorbs no moisture
- Turnable
- Will not splintre
- Hand grip in rope with tube for higher strength an better comfort
- No sharp edges
- Other sizes and shapes can be delivered on request.

  • Material: Recycled plastic.
Støttebensplade 29.08.16
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Part Code Code WLL
Thickness (mm) Width
99.01PORB040040006 74RB60404 20 400 60 400 9.3
99.01PORB050050006 74RB60505 25 500 60 500 15
99.01PORB060060006 74RB60606 30 600 60 600 21
99.01PORB070070006 74RB60707 30 700 60 700 29
99.01PORB080080006 74RB60808 30 800 60 800 38
99.01PORB0100100006 74RB61010 50 1,000 60 1,000 58
* Standard sizes with cut corners. Other sizes with uncut cornes.
Other dimension available upon request.

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