General: Typically used in connection with theaters, scenes etc. where the round sling preferably should not be visible.
Design: Load carrying yarn covered with “seamless” black protection sleeve.
Stretch with working load: 2-3%.
Length tolerance: Nominal length (EWL) ±2%.

  • Material: Polyester. Resistant to most acids but not to strong alkalizes.
  • Marking: The slings are provided with a blue label with manufacturer´s symbol, working load limit (WLL), length, CE marking and a label with handling instruction.
  • Temperature range: Approx. -40° up to +100°C.
  • Safety factor: 7:1.
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Part Code Code WLL Straight Pull (tons) Colour WLL choke hitch (ton) WLL basket hitch 0º (ton) WLL basket hitch 0º-45º (ton) WLL basket hitch 45º-60º (ton) CAD
12.2014922010XXXBK PRS-011.B 1.1 Black 0,9 2,2 1,5 1,1
12.2014922020XXXBK PRS-021.B 2.1 Black 1,7 4,2 2,9 2,1
12.2014922030XXXBK PRS-031.B 3.1 Black 2,5 6,2 4,3 3,1
Last two digits indicates length.
Other dimensions, WLL and special lengths on request.

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