BlocstopTM BSO Fall Arrest Device

An additional safety system in accordance with DIN EN 1808 is mandatory in man riding applications. The system is used to secure the work basket or the platform on which personnel are working against falling.

blockstopTM BSO is small, light and compact and attached to the working platform where the safety rope runs through it.

The blocstopTM is designed in such a way that the clamping jaws grip tighter, the higher the load on the rope.

Furthermore, the blocstopTM has been tested using many times the nominal load in order to ensure an extremely large safety margin.

The blocstopTM family includes two additional models: the BSA and the BS.
In contrast to the BSO, the clamping jaws of the BSA are not triggered by excessive speed but rather by monitoring the suspension rope. The BSA is held open by a lever which is supported on the suspension rope by a roller. If the suspension rope breaks then this support stops and the BSA closes.

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Part Code Model Rope Ø
Capacity man riding
Capacity material
16.2523159 BSO 510 6 - 350
16.2523169 BSO 500 8,3 600 600
16.2523179 BSO 520 9,5 600 600
16.2523189 BSO 1000 8,3 700 700
16.2523199 BSO 1020 9,5 800 800
16.2523209 BSO 1030 10,2 1,000 1,000
16.2532979 BSO 1040 11,5 1,000 1,000
16.2532059 BSO 2050 14,3 2,000 2,600
16.2525859 BSO 2360 16,3 2,300 3,000

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