General: For lifting and pulling in any position: horizontal, vertical and angled. Equipped with locking device allow the load to be locked in exact position. Self-locking safety catch. 360° swivel hooks. Reversible handle will bend at overload warning the operator. Also available in a marine option with anodized castings, stainless steel cables and cadmium plated steel shafts.

  • Marking: Rate badge and CE marking.
  • Note: CERTEX also have spare parts and wire ropes.
  • Safety factor: 4:1.
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Part Code Code WLL ton Single WLL (ton) Double Lift height Single (m) Lift height Double (m) Min hook to hook Single (mm) Min hook to hook Double (mm) Rope Ø (mm) Ropelength m Weight
16.213000-10SH 10SH 0,5 1 3 1,5 406 533 5,5 4 4
16.213000-30SH 30SH 0,5 1 9 4,5 457 597 5,5 10 6.3
16.214000-20SH 20SH 0,55 1,1 6 3 470 730 6,35 7 6.8

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