General: The RAPTOR fall arrester redefines the concept of safety since it has two fall indicators that are visible to users. These display the functionality of the device from the outside. A red indicator warns the user as soon as the device is due for inspection. RAPTOR has a modular construction, which means that elements can be interchanged piece by piece. This makes audits easier and reduces maintenance costs. An energy-absorbing inlet damper protects the device housing and interior mechanisms against damage, as well as the user against injuries. The rope-sparing guide pulley prevents additional wear.
Rated load: 140 kg.

  • Material: AL, ST, Synthetic, Polyester
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 360
  • Note: With galvanized wire. Also available with stainless wire.
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Part Code Length (m) Weight
19.07HSG-042-06 6 3.6
19.07HSG-042-10 10 4.9
19.07HSG-042-20 20 8.7

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