2 in 1 fall arrest system with pre-incorporated evacuation feature, 30 mtr.
Fall arrest system sliding on Kernmantle rope with integrated grip descender on anchorage point, allowing to release the anchorage point and to descend the victim.
 This assembly allows anticipating the rescue system even before installing the fall arrester.
 Having several different anchorage straps, this kit can be installed on a multitude of supports (ladder, pylon, large-sized structures,...).
 This kit contains:
- 1 grip descender, ref. FA 70 021 00,
- 1 fall arrester sliding on a rope - ref. FA 20 103 00A, and its anchorage line - ref. FA 20 103 30 (30 m),
- 1 adjustable anchorage strap, max. length 5 m, ref. FA 60 029 05,
- 2 anchorage webbing slings, length 1.50 m, ref. FA 60 005 15,
- 3 steel triple action karabiners, ref. FA 50 301 23,
- 1 storage and transport bag, ref. FA 90 105 00.
Delivered with a rope bag for storage.
 This kit was designed in order to allow perform an evacuation operation in less than 10 minutes, including by a person who does not have deep knowledge concerning rescue/evacuation.

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Part Code Length (m) CAD
19.15FA2011330 30

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