Removable aluminium frame beam. The beam is easy to fit/remove. Practical device for attachment to loader trucks and mobile cranes. Ideal for lifting sheds, boats, containers, etc. The beam can be equipped with accessories such as hooks and shackles, and textile slings, chain slings or wire-rope slings.
Design: Lightweight aluminium tubular spacers and corners with excellent corrosion resistance. The corners can be attached to two tubes to facilitate fitting/removal.
7 tonne version: 75 x 4 mm tubing, cast corners with shackle (hook not included — available as optional extra); secured by means of a set screw.
17 tonne version: 100 x 6 mm box-section tube, cast corners with intermediate plate (30-mm-diameter hole for shackle numbers 1209/1239 or 1210/1240), secured by means of through bolt.
Proof: Type tested.

  • Material: Aluminium, with EN 6063-T6 tubing and stainless steel thread.
  • Marking: Maximum load and CE mark.
  • Note: Smaller frame sizes can be made to order. Note that the short side must always be at least 80% of the long side.
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Part Code WLL
Lifting height
Top angle ° Round sling length
Round sling max. load tons Weight
13.3566400722 7 2,000 2,400 2,400 82 2,5 3 39
13.3566400732 7 1,700 3,000 2,400 98 2,5 3 42
13.3566400733 7 1,500 3,000 3,000 110 2,5 3 45
13.3566401622 17 2,400 2,400 90 2,5 8 56.4
13.3566401632 17 2,400 3,100 90 2,5 8 62.6
13.3566401633 17 3,100 3,100 90 3,5 8 68.8
Other sizes on request.

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