The CERTEX company has a defined quality policy that we strictly adhere to by checking and controlling our work. Constant development is part of our daily work. We want to provide our customers with the best service and quality products, therefore, in today's ever-changing world, the company's continuous development is of key importance.

The Code of Conduct for Workers provides general guidance for social and environmental ethical conduct. The Code of Ethics applies to all the rights and duties of group employees.

We regularly evaluate our suppliers. The supplier code of ethics aims to ensure that suppliers operate in accordance with internationally recognized minimum standards for human rights, labor and the environment.

We work daily to improve our work and the quality of our products to meet our customers' expectations and requirements. But nothing is so good that it can not be further improved. We will be glad to hear your criticism, comments or appreciation - we can make you even better with your help!

CERTEX operating standards:

ISO 45001 standard
ISO 9001 standard
• Quality policy
Employees Code of Ethics
Code of Conduct for Suppliers

CERTEX is certified as a supplier of the Nordic Energy Sector